Entry #2

new site is up

2007-10-07 01:07:21 by dapbot

New site is up.

In other news, new game is near completion. In cubeFarmer, you must harvest dots into lines, lines to squares and squares to cubes in order to complete incoming orders.

And your really evil. But I guess that's a side note.

Here is a sneak peak:

new site is up


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2007-10-14 02:50:07

Your new project is cool. I have played colourpod in Kongregate. Well I did not get a badge. I hope you will make animation cartoons in newgrounds.

dapbot responds:

gracias. Haven't gots the arts for cartoons really, so i'll stick to games for now. Maybe later...


2008-08-30 16:35:56

can you tell me where you got the music for the first colourpod please I want it on my iPod