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2007-09-19 08:25:29 by dapbot


I love flash. I really do. I love movies made in flash. I love games made in flash, more. Most of all, I love making shit in flash (and by shit I mean stuff, not faeces. I've blammified too many poo-related movies to have sheizer on the cards).

What really rocks my socks is creating something in my time, rather than working a 9-5 job to earn cash to consume someone else's creation..

So, what's the problem? I do have 9-5 those commitments. And I no likey. Studying medicine floats my boat in theory. I love thinking about knowing neuroanatomy. It's just that sitting in front of a textbook slash dullard lecturer slash plasticised brain doesn't quite have the same glam-factor I thought it would.

My life is great. On paper.

So what am I going to do? Make a shitload of flash games. Make my own website. Maybe even post to this blog every so often. Then, in one year from today, I'm going to crunch the numbers and ditch one of these pursuits.

I've made one decent game and one not so decent game. But watch this space. I've got plenty more mediocrity up my sleeves.

And, just maybe, a real gem is already half-born.



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2007-09-19 08:34:45

well put! ^^ i have 9 - 12 (midnight) commitments, and i know exactly how it is, working in flash give you time to escape from stuff, i piss about and add more to my work in between lessons, I'm looking forward to your future games! ^^

dapbot responds:

gracias brosef. And sweet pictures, I say(!)


2007-09-20 08:25:00

I still can't believe you love flash so much... maybe its just cause im no good at creating and patience and being good at computers without some kind of cuddly controller attached? i dont know.

dapbot responds:

I would do flash were it a hot (ethnic) man.

Programming is a bit like maths. And not shitty university maths. The high school maths that was fun and easy.

But to be fair, I've been interested in a lot of things along the way. And none of them have held my interest for very long.